Chilling Through Life is a submission to the 2023 game jam. (This is my first game jam ever!) Made with Godot 4.


WD or Up/Right arrows to move

S or Down arrow to interact

Esc or P to pause

No enemies. No death. No stress. Just chill :)

v1.0 is the original submitted version.

Credits: (may contain spoiler)


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ChillingThroughLife_v1.1.exe 67 MB
ChillingThroughLife_v1.0.exe 67 MB


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Thanks, great game, and wonderful music!


Thanks for commenting and playing, especially since the jam is already over.

Super nice and chill game!

The game you're describing is a fascinating experience that really grabs you from the start. Its dynamics keep you hooked and wanting to continue playing it until the end. The main character feels very well designed, with smooth gameplay and an emotional connection that draws you into the story.

One of the most ingenious features of the game is the mechanic of not being able to go back. This adds an extra challenge and forces you to make quick and strategic decisions, as every move counts and can have significant consequences. This restriction keeps you constantly on your toes and further immerses you in the plot of the game.

In addition to the innovative mechanics, the game also features a variety of well-designed challenges, puzzles, and enemies that keep the interest level high at all times. Each new level or scenario presents new obstacles and surprises, preventing the experience from becoming repetitive and monotonous.

The graphics and music also contribute to the immersion in the game. The environments are beautifully designed, with carefully crafted details that immerse you in a rich and vibrant world. The background music is perfectly adapted to each situation, creating an exciting and captivating atmosphere.

In short, this game is highly recommended for those who are looking for an addictive and intriguing gaming experience. With its inventive mechanics, well-developed characters, and exciting challenges, it will keep you entertained for hours and you'll want to keep playing until you reach the end. Get ready for a unique and exciting adventure that you will not be able to forget!

Great take on the theme!


Really interesting concepts here, I friggin' love that what would be falling to your death in most games is actually a mechanic for getting to higher platforms!  That is seriously awesome and really fun to do.  


Love the music, simple yet great :)

Glad you like it :)


Very interesting and immersive game (=

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Thank you for your kind comment. :)


Very interesting concept, it was fun :) 

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Thank you! Glad you find it fun!


Very nice game! It was a great example of how you can create a fun game by removing some basic player abilities such as the movement to the left. The levels are designed coherently with this limitation and are very original as a result. The free falling level in particular was very fun! Well done!

Thank you! I am really glad you like the level designs.


I made it to the end, but not sure what it means by “lives made brighter”. Fun little game though. Good job.

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It's the number of NPC critters you have interacted with during your run. I guess the subtle point I was trying to make is: Did you try to interact with the people you met in your life? Or are they just background NPCs? 

Thanks for playing through to the end! That really means a lot to me. :)